Jeff Daniels

Steve Jobs


Universal | R | Danny Boyle
 The artist in all his smug ignominy.

7(Note: The following review was originally published at Consequence of Sound.)

“Computers aren’t art,” bellows Woz.

“Fuck you,” retorts a hostile Jobs.

Eventually, Steve Jobs won this argument, but in the moment, Jobs (Michael Fassbender) and Steve Wozniak (Seth Rogen) aggressively disagree in a garage over the creative potential and purpose of home computing. Jobs may have likely been a pain in the ass, a bully, a Machiavellian prince of the modern age, but man did he get to put his name on some important technology. Steve Jobs, the new production from Aaron Sorkin and Danny Boyle, purports that Jobs’ greatness was inherently at odds with his bad-guy qualities, and damned if it doesn’t make for some soapy theatrics. Steve Jobs subverts the biopic genre by approaching it as a whip-smart play told in three acts, which opts not to glorify its lead subject. In lieu of delicacy, the Jobs of this film is a real bastard, which makes Steve Jobs all the better. Devils usually make for more salacious stories than saints, after all. Just look at The Social Network. (more…)

Dumb and Dumber To

Universal | PG-13 | Bobby and Peter Farrelly 
Pictured: The budget of Dumber and Dumber To was so small that the stars weren’t given trailers.

5Raunchy comedies are really hard to analyze, let alone discuss at length. Is it quotable? Memorable? Is the timing right on? Does it break taboos? How funny is everyone, and what does funny mean for you? Here’s a simple quiz. Let’s talk about a joke in Dumb and Dumber To, an early one, so as not to damage the surprises should you have a fit of reminiscence and see this. The Farrellys have devised a noxious and naughty sense of humor over the years, and to say they’re not everyone’s cup of tea (laced with Ex-Lax, of course) is an understatement. If the following moment sounds funny to you, by all means, see this movie! (more…)