Alia Shawkat

The Final Girls


Sony | PG-13 | Todd Strauss-Schulson
“Wait, so we’re not even getting a theatrical release?”

9(Note: The following review was originally published at Consequence of Sound.)

Max (Taissa Farmiga) just can’t live Camp Bloodbath down. In the ‘80s, Max’s mother Nancy (Malin Akerman) starred in that film, a summer camp slasher flick that’s since garnered a cult following for its hilarious overacting, paper-thin writing, and innovative kills. But for Max, Camp Bloodbath isn’t just a bad horror movie that all her friends enjoy. It’s a painful reminder that her mother is no longer with her, and she can’t help but avert her eyes every time the young, nubile Nancy meets her bloody end for having dared to have sex in an ‘80s horror movie. (more…)