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So on this day of reflection I say again, thank you for going on this journey with me. I’ll see you at the movies.”
– Roger Ebert

TIL the guy who wrote “Cool Runnings” was on heroin while writing it. So, there’s that I guess.”
– Dominick Suzanne-Mayer

CUE “Ghostbusters” by Ray Parker Jr.”
– Blake Goble

We can’t possibly publish this shit.”
– Oberlin Literary Editor upon reviewing a submission from William Goldman

Welcome to the Kelly Affair. It’s our kind of happening and it freaks us out!

But we digress.

Welcome to our humble endeavor. Two Chicagoans united by their love of film, not to mention DePaul University’s Media & Cinema Studies graduate program, united in the bitter winter of Aut-14 to bring you a film site that gleefully, masterfully refrains from nonsensically effusive praise or condemnation. (But scarcely verbose, of course.)

We dig movies. We really do!

We take film seriously without being tools about it, and we hope we can share our thoughts on cinema without you ever wanting to punch us in our collective digital face.

Come back every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and you’ll find reviews of the latest movies.

– D&B


Dominick Suzanne-Mayer started his education in film at the age of four, when he would lapse into screaming fits at the end of any and every film he saw, particularly (as he’s been told) the 1992 gem Encino Man. Since then he’s received two film degrees from DePaul through the aforementioned program, lectured at Facets Multi-Media as part of the now-defunct Night School program, and written for Thought Catalog, The Daily Dot, and the also-defunct HEAVEmedia. When not absorbing film at alarming rates, he’s probably watching professional wrestling.

Disagree with Dom at dsuzannemayer@gmail.com.

Blake Goble is a lifelong devotee to the art of film. Did you know that he learned how to operate a VCR through watching Ghostbusters early, and often, in his little directors’ chair with a bottle and blankie? Eventually, he made his way to The University of Michigan to study art, while writing and editing over 150 reviews for The Michigan Daily (A Harvard Crimson competitor, seriously!). Blake got his masters in Cinema & Media Studies at Depaul, and loves to debate the scientific, religion-based merits of Ghostbusters. When Blake’s not writing, he works in communications, burns out Netflix with his wife, and lives for the city.

Bug Blake at bgoblue2@gmail.com.

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